“The sun don’t shine forever but as long as it’s here then we might as well shine together”

Hi, I’m Natacha!

It all began when I quit my full time job to climb a mountain… alone!
That decision led me to choose an entrepreneurial path. From time to time, I would step out of my comfort zone and embark on a sporadic adventure around the world.

The name “Travel With An Introvert” came to my mind when I went traveling alone in the nature. The term introvert usually means someone who preferred their own company, so my blog “Travel With An Introvert” simply is about solo adventures into the nature. “Travel With An Introvert” is also about traveling responsibly, being safe and being aware of your own limitation.

This blog will give helpful advice to women who would like to travel solo at least once, or to those introvert souls who seeks to travel a little dangerously and meaningfully, but safe and satisfying.

I also believe a lot of us, when we travel solo or “into the nature”, we are more in-tuned with our introvert side. And as we reflect inwards, traveling becomes more than just about the destination or making your mark. It is about cultivating stories around you and within you. And story are meant to be shared 🙂

I love stories and I love crafting stories. So in my blog, expect a lot of story telling through lots of photos as well. On some trips, I will be traveling with friends and family, and probably won’t be in the “nature”, but I would still like to share all of my amazing adventures with you here.

I tried to be as informative as I can, documenting every interesting things I see that could be helpful for my readers.

So I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by my adventure!
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Are you ready to Travel With An Introvert? 😉
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